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Training, Hiring & Deputation

We have seen many professionals start their job as a CAD/GIS Executive in a company and continue working for same kind of conversion / digitization work; and it looks that there is no growth in terms of knowledge / skill sets and finally it impacts their monthly or yearly salary packages. Hence we help such professional to understand their skill / interest and mentor / coach them for growth oriented training programs which help them enhance their knowledge, skill and get promotion for next role. If you are one such then share your concern with our experts & arrange a meeting for one-2-one counselling.

Are you looking for better and challenging job profile and you have made your mind to change your current job. Get in touch with us. Our hiring & recruitment team will review your resume and check the right fit and find dream job for you.

If CAD, GIS, Lidar, Photogrammetry, Surveying interest you and you want these areas as your profession. We are your guide to help you get best training by industry experts in area of your interest and help you in placement support. Get in touch with us.

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