GIS, CAD, Lidar, RS, Surveying & IT Consulting Services

TOJO Infotech is an ISO Certified and pioneer in Geospatial service domain, including CAD, Lidar, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Surveying data processing with high accuracy output. We have a team of domain experts having more than two decades experience, worked for prestigious projects of world’s reputed clients.


We are based in Dehradun, capital city of UttaraKhand state in India. Apart from our core business, we feel happy to help in employment support for newly graduated students from Engineering / Science & Geography background as well those looking for better professional growth in geospatial domain and depute their services at client’s site (India & Overseas) as per skill & project requirements.

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An ISO Certified Company........

Our Services (What we do?)

GeoSpatial Services
  • Data Capture & validation, Digital Conversion / Digitization of maps & satellite imagery

  • Parcel Mapping / Building Foot Print Capturing

  • Geological Mapping

Remote Sensing Services
  • Satellite Image Interpretation / Change Detection

  • Land use & Land cover (LU/LC) mapping

  • Image Annotation & Video Annotation for Autonomous driving / AI

Lidar Data Processing
  • Data classification & Feature extraction

  • Airborne Data Processing

Photogrammetric Services
  • Aerial Triangulation

  • DEM/DTM/DSM creation & update

  • Ortho Map Generation

  • 3D Feature capture

Surveying & Data Process
  • Topographic & DGPS Surveying

  • Hydrographical Surveying

  • Field data collection & processing

  • GPR Surveying / Underground utilities

Training, Hiring & Deputation
  • Hiring & placement support

  • Manpower deputation as per skill / experience

  • Training & Placement – mass recruitment

Business Model

If you have any need of kind of services mentioned above. We take such task and allocate skill resources to deliver quality output from our state-of-art corporate office from Dehradun location

Tojo Infotech Pvt Ltd


An initiative for noble cause

Business addresses are re-locating from Metropolitan cities to Tier 2 cities to save cost model per seat, Salaries & office space rents are raising too high and we are taking benefit of low cost investment for sustainable business from capital city Dehradun in UttarKhand state to generate business as well employment opportunities.